What I was…

An assassin handed a plain envelop with manifest and pictures; blending with the night, doing my job with expert lightning fast precision and fading away with the night just as I’d come in.

Out of nowhere I was hit with the ability to move objects, no explanations just the ability.

Ok, I went along with it as a battle began to form inside of me;

No reasons only abilities.

The days passed and the more I lived the more I could do and I found that that which I thought was coincidence was more of a plot set in motion.

A plot revolving around my so called life…

Someone else held the strings;

Someone else held the answers and all I held was an ability yet to be understood.

That was my life in a nutshell until the pieces of the puzzle started to fall into place…

I have a brother…

The man whose side I had stood by on so many numerous occasions

The man that had also stood by mine

My brother in arms now also my brother by blood.

A brother by blood and a sister-in-law as well…

I have a family beyond that of those in the Order.

And my life is just beginning to change…

Changes happen sooner than you expect at times.
The biggest change? I found a family within my family . . .

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